It’s a New Year.

It’s a New Year and that means it’s time for me to try, yet again, to keep up with my blog– I have too many other new year’s resolutions to make this one of them, so instead I am just going to try– rather than setting unrealistic goals for myself– I’m going to be honest with myself and admit I will just TRY. And also I do not resolve to doing this every single day (although I will try) I do resolve to not obsessing over making it perfect, if the photos are not exactly where I want them to be because I don’t really know how to use wordpress I will post anyway, because my new year’s resolution is to JUST START.

Not only is it a new year but it’s a brand new moment in my life. I am embarking on what I can already tell will be a long journey of setting up shop in Paris, and by setting up shop I mean living here! I came, for the same reason so many Americans do, because I fell in love. Yes, I fell in love with the streets, the cafes, the croissants, the women, and the cheese shop lined streets– but what, or I should say who, I really fell in love with was a man. And so as I’m slowly building a life here– I am still very much in love with this same man but far less with the rest 🙂

Sitting at the moment in a stumbled upon coffee shop run by Australians and patroned by other expats I could not feel more at home. Looking around from the tiled floors, to the tin ceiling, to the wood tables, and listening to the sound of cappuccinos and lattes being made I am back on my corner of Bowery and Houston and back in my cafe on Prince Street or somewhere in Williamsberg and it feels fantastic. I never imagined I’d want so many familiar things in Paris I thought I’d be satisfied with a pain aux chocolat every morning for the rest of my life– but I’m not! Next door is another favorite “feels like home” spot; Bob’s Juice Bar– opened and run by a classic New Yorker. Bob’s juice bar does not have all the options of the LES Juice Press, or even Greenpoint’s Lunch Box but it does have my all time favorite fresh green juice that gives me the lift I’m often craving after a month of eating nothing but pain, cheese, and meat. Bob’s juice bar is one of those tiny places where you order at the counter and all sit side by side at a long picnic style table. The staff is mainly expats and it’s one of the few moments where I get to be the one who actually knows what’s going on and watch all the French customers scratch their heads in confusion but this incredibly confusing system. I know how American I must make myself sound, but I have nothing to apologize for. Living in Paris has it’s challenges especially when you’re from New York and you are used to having a juice bar on every corner and a coffee shop with more than just cafe (e with an accent) on the menu, where people actually sit and work for hours without being regarded as “weird”. So there you have it two of my new favorite spots in Paris and they’re NEXT DOOR! Tuck Shop, 13 Rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris 10th. & Bob’s Juice Bar: 15 Lucien Sampaix, Paris 10th. truck shop

Above: Visit and Queen Elizabeth will give you a wave!

Below: My favorite juice: green apple, kale, cucumber, and ginger (there might be some celery in there too!)




Check out my upcoming posts for more favorite spots for shopping, eating, walking, sitting, sleeping in Paris and other places all over the world!

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