People have asked me over and over again “But why are you starting a blog? What’s it going to be about?”

This question was close to impossible to answer; it wasn’t that I started a blog because I think I have the most interesting of lives on earth (although I try to keep it as interesting as I possibly can…and I think I may be giving many people a run for their money on that front) My inability to answer this question held me back for months upon months from getting started because I felt I needed some sort of direction. That’s when it hit me: I realized that one year ago before I quit my 9:00-5:00, which was really more like 9:00 to all hours of the night, office job I never would have even thought of writing a blog mainly because I didn’t feel I had much to share with the world.

Today I’m living a very different reality, where I feel as if I’m busting at the seams with things I want to share– this change is in part because I’m doing, seeing, tasting, feeling much more but it is also because I’m experiencing each little thing I do– it’s rare a cup of coffee will pass by without a photo being snapped. With the explosion of photo sharing going on perhaps everyone is stopping to smell the roses a bit more, but for me this transition has been about much more than snapping photos. In fact I have learned to sometimes let go of my camera and that the memory will still exist without the photo.

This blog is really nothing more than my need to share. I hope that you will enjoy reading my observations, seeing the world through my eyes and most of all be inspired to experience life– because I hear it goes by fast!

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